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At Capvidia, we're experts at unlocking the value in your CAD data for use throughout your enterprise.

Since 1994, we’ve been developing integrated CAD plugins, standalone applications, and components for CAD, PLM, and CAE to translate, validate, improve, reuse, and get the most out of your data.

With over 80 highly skilled scientists, programmers, and engineers, we operate on a global scale through a network of offices in the USA, Europe, and Asia.

Since its founding, Capvidia has been known in the industry for having the highest quality CAD translation engine on the market. 3DTransVidia provides a standalone CAD translator that will ensure a high-quality geometric translation from any CAD format to any other. CAD plugins like FormatWorks allow for the import of complex geometry into SolidWorks. And finally, tools like CompareVidia provide comparative validation between two models — ensuring that they are geometrically identical and that no translation errors occurred.

With the advent of the digital transformation of industry, product design data has become even more central to the manufacturing enterprise. Key to modern concepts like Industry 4.0 and the Digital Twin is the ability to maintain a digital thread between product design data and real product data from manufacturing, metrology, and the field. Capvidia provides the foundational technology for this capability with its Model Based Enterprise (MBE) solutions and workflows. MBE is a paradigm where the CAD model, along with manufacturing process metadata, serves as the central hub for all product lifecycle processes. Using the Model Based Definition (MBD) as a source of product information, an enterprise can drive automation through its manufacturing processes by leveraging smart software and machine-to-machine communication. In addition to this, all mode generated along the way is traceable to the MBD — enabling rich data mining, machine learning, and advanced analytics. Capvidia is an industry leader in the field of MBD — and has been helping the manufacturing industry achieve these goals today.

Capvidia’s philosophy is that your product data has tremendous value, so you should have unfettered access to it. With the dual approach of engaging in partnerships with major CAD vendors, and being a leader in the data standards domain, Capvidia enables you to unlock your data.

Capvidia has partnerships with major CAD and PLM market leaders — including SolidWorks, PTC, Siemens PLM, and Dassault Systemes Spatial. This allows our customers to maintain connectivity to their CAD data in proprietary formats.

Capvidia’s participation, support, and implementation of open standards for data interoperability enable its users to propagate their product data to downstream operations without having to rely on closed, proprietary solutions. With industry-leading implementations of next-generation MBD standards like STEP AP242 and QIF, Capvidia users are automating digital manufacturing and digital metrology workflows from their CAD data — and turning the industry on its head.

With the best CAD technology in the industry — and the best customer support to back it up — Capvidia has been a trailblazer for innovative digital transformation since its founding. Looking for the next step? Capvidia can help you make the jump to MBD.

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